Computer Medic On Call is your ideal partner in business IT assistance, offering you quick service, both remotely and at home, and the advice of specialized technicians so that every problem is solved as quickly as possible, without causing blockages to your business.

Hardware Technical Assistance

We provide assistance on different types of computers both Apple Macintosh and Windows PC. When a manufacturer's service center can only do the repair, we can help you find the nearest specialized center.

WiFi Internet Network Assistance

Computer and peripheral networks are increasingly common, especially thanks to the use of wireless technologies. We help you in the choice of the correct equipment and in the resolution of malfunctions. We have tools to check for interference and signal quality.

Software Technical Assistance

We provide assistance to restore the correct functioning of your operating system (Mac and Windows) and your programs, even at home. You can also ask for help with the correct configuration of a printer or to make important updates.

Data recovery

If damage has led to data loss, we can attempt to recover it. We can operate on traditional hard disks, on SSD units, on solid-state memories such as camera cards, USB sticks, or devices that have integrated memory such as Smartphones or Tablets.

IT consulting

You can get advice for the solution to your needs. We have as suppliers the main IT distributors operating in Boca Raton. We can recommend the most suitable current product and, if available, deliver it to you within days.

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