Most frequent questions and answers

Try to recall (as best you can) the last thing was you did just before the problem occurred. For example, did you attempt to install new software or hardware? Did you spill a liquid on your computer? … etc.

If it’s a desktop, please include your tower. If it’s a laptop, please include your charger. It also helps to include any CDs or DVDs that came with your computer.

Naturally, that depends on what is wrong with it and whether parts need to be ordered. Our goal is to return it to you as soon as possible since we know what an important role it likely plays in your daily life/work. Once the parts are received, the turnaround time is usually 1-2 days.

NOTE: By ordering parts as needed, it allows us to keep our prices lower and pass the savings on to you!

A combination of an anti-virus scanner and spyware scanner is a good start. While anti-virus software can be helpful, the truth is there are no fail-safe ways to pre

We will take your computer to our facility for repair. This pick-up and delivery service is FREE! What’s more … if we still can’t fix it … there’s no charge!

In addition to Zelle, cash, or check, we also accept all major credit cards.

Please visit our area served page to know all our serviceable locations

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