Computer Assistance, PC Troubleshooting, Computer Repair and IT Support In Boca Raton

Your computer does not start anymore, makes noise, displays a blue screen? Do you have internet connection problems? Are you the object of a phishing attempt? Are you the victim of a hacker?

Do not wait for the failure or disaster that will cause the long-term interruption of your activity. Although we are specialists in emergency computer assistance and troubleshooting, it is always better to prevent.

Very small businesses and SMEs are the preferred targets of hackers. When a business suffers computer damage, it has a hard time going bankrupt within 12 months). Also, Computer Medic On Call supports users concerned about the maintenance and security of their computer systems. Our company offers backup solutions, both local and online (in the Cloud).

Your data is precious; protect it. Ask us to carry out a security audit of your IT equipment. Our technicians will diagnose your systems. They will ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and the efficiency of your data backup procedures, both locally and online, as well as compliance with the security and confidentiality rules necessary to preserve the most sensitive information for your company.

Computer Medic On Call provides IT maintenance and backups for nearly four hundred professional and private customers in Boca Raton. Our agency has a Computer Repair Boca Raton shop, and you can (only by appointment) drop off your PC at the agency for repair. We will then carry out the diagnosis of the computer failure and offer you the most suitable solution for the situation.

With Computer Medic On Call, you benefit from a breakdown service adapted to your situation:

After making an appointment, you drop off your equipment in our Computer Repair Boca Raton shop in order to obtain a fault diagnosis and repair. Our home assistance, repair, and training interventions allow our individual customers to benefit from a 50% tax credit on their home computer assistance expenses.

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